Value means helping others

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:: Value means helping others ::
Pirin Wanwalee (Pie)
Roong Aroon School Alumna (RA10)
"During my last year here in Grade 12, I acted with my classmates. It was a play that reflected on the things we got from Roong Aroon from K.3 to Grade 12. This was a difficult topic. At the time, we were discussing in a huge group, and this teen boy, named Gui suggested that we should adapt lines from a past play, which was ‘Don Quixote: The Great Dreamer’. At that time, I listened to him and I felt that this was the right message. We talked about it, and it gave me goose bumps. This is the idea that has been implanted into students of Roong Aroon- Fight for what’s right, Fight for Justice, Fight for those in need and not just standing by injustices."

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