Terms And Conditions of Use

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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website.

These Terms of Use (including the documentation referred to in this document) describe the terms of the services you access on www.starfishlabz.com and/or www.starfishclass.com, subdomains, related websites and/or mobile applications for the websites above (“Our Sites”), either as a visitor or registered user on Our Sites. You are required to comply with these terms when visiting our website, which includes usage, traffic, account registration and the undertaking of various activities therein.

Please read and accept these terms and conditions carefully before using Our Sites, as these terms apply to said usage. When using Our Sites, you confirm that you accept the terms and agree that you abide by them. We recommend that you print out a copy of these terms for future reference.

If you do not agree to these terms of service, you must not use services on Our Sites.

1. Other Relevant Provisions.

These Terms of Use refer to the Privacy Policy for Our Sites, which sets out the conditions in which we process the personal information we collect from you or that you provide to us.

2. Information About Us.

Our Sites (starfishlabz.com and starfishclass.com) are operated by Starfish Education Co Ltd.

3. Access to Our Sites.

Our Sites are provided for use free of charge with some paid courses and workshops with the aim of promoting learning and development of teaching & learning skills for educators, parents and other users of Our Sites.

4. Your Account & Password.

To register for an account on Our Sites, you must be of the age 18 years or older. If you have chosen and received a user ID, password or other information as a part of our security procedures in Account Settings, you must keep such information confidential and not disclose it to any third parties. We reserve the right to deactivate user IDs or user passwords, either chosen by you or allocated by us, whenever if in our reasonable opinion you have not complied with any applicable requirement from these Terms of Use, and/or if we believe your account has being used fraudulently or without authorization. If you know or suspect someone else to know your user ID or password, you must notify us as soon as possible at https://www.starfishlabz.com/contact-us, or https://www.starfishclass.com/contact-us. After receiving a reply, you may need to set up a new account with a new user ID and/or password.

5. Agreement Between Users of Our Sites.

Our Sites allow access to educators or other interested people for the purpose of improving the knowledge and skills of educators and students. We expect Our Sites’ users to treat others with respect and dignity, and to act appropriately.

6. Intellectual Property Rights.

We (Starfish Education Social Enterprise Co. Ltd.) own or license all of the intellectual property rights on Our Sites, as well as for the content published on Our Sites. These intellectual property rights are protected by copyright laws and treaties (and/or similar intellectual property laws as applicable) around the world. All rights reserved. You can copy, print or download content from any page on Our Sites for your personal use. You must not modify any content on paper or digital copies that you print or download in any manner. You may not use any illustration, video, sound or graphics. Copies must clearly show us as the author of content from Our Sites. You may not use any part of the material for commercial purposes without our license if printing, copying or downloading any part of Our Sites. If found to be in violation of these Terms of Use, your right to use our website will cease immediately and you have to choose whether to return or destroy copies of any content that you have made.

7. Uploading Content / Importing Information to Our Sites.

Any content or information that you upload or import to Our Sites, or provide to us in any other way in order for us to use on Our Sites, is to be considered not a secret, and without all rights reserved to own your content or information. Instead, you consent to / grant us and other users on Our Sites unrestricted access to, use, store and copy that content and information, and for us to distribute and provide the service to third parties worldwide. We reserve the right to disclose your identity to third parties or government officials with legal authority when they can prove that the content or information you post, upload or import to Our Sites infringes on intellectual property rights, or if it illegally infringes on the right to privacy of other persons. Content uploaded or imported by users must not disturb public order and good morals, and must not be classified as an offense under the Computer Crimes Act of 2007 or any other offenses under the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand. The content or information that users upload or put into our system or Our Sites is done so under the responsibility of the user. If information or content is found which is inappropriate, we can delete or destroy such information without user notice.

8. Linking to Our Sites.

If you need to use content from Our Sites, please contact https://www.starfishlabz.com/contact-us or https://www.starfishclass.com/contact-us

9. Third Party Links & Resources on Our Sites.

In the event that Our Sites contain links to other websites and resources, these links are provided for your information only. We have no control over the content of those websites or resources.

10. Changes to Terms of Use.

We may revise these Terms at any time by amending this page. We will use reasonable methods, such as posting related material on Our Sites to notify you of such revisions. However, we encourage you to review this page from time to time to be notified of any changes we have made, as you will be required to comply with our Terms of Service while you use Our Sites. If you do not agree with the changes, you must stop using Our Sites.

11. Trademarks.

"Starfish Education Social Enterprise", "Starfish Education", “starfishlabz.com”, "starfishclass.com", their respective logos, and other affiliated logos available on Our Sites are registered trademarks, and must not be used in any way without our prior written consent.

12. Starfish Coin Policy

“Starfish Coin” or “Coin” is a digital coin that Starfish Education Social Enterprise Co. Ltd. issues to the users of Starfish Labz or other company platforms.

Starfish Coin Benefit

Users can use Starfish Coin to pay for courses or workshops Plus or other services or products the company may provide.

Starfish Coin Earning

Users can earn Starfish Coin for free by engaging on the platform or purchasing Starfish Coin via available online payment channels.

Starfish Coin Restriction

Users are not allowed to transfer Starfish Coin to other user accounts. Users can only use Starfish Coin belonging to their account.

Starfish Coin can not transfer/withdraw/refund to cash.

Starfish Coin will remain valid and usable for as long as the user account is active and the website remains operational.

We reserve the right to modify or terminate the website at any time, but in the event of such modification or termination, users will be given sufficient notice to redeem any remaining coins. We are not responsible for the loss of starfish coin due to events beyond our control, such as natural disasters, power outages, or cyberattacks.

13. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Starfish Education Social Enterprise Co. Ltd. would like to announce the following refund policy as a standard agreement and to provide understanding about the use of the website as follows:

Cancellation Policy

In cases where a customer wants to cancel an order, he/she cannot cancel the order after payment has been received.

Refund Policy

In cases where a customer wants a refund, we reserve the right to refund in all cases.

14. Contact Us.

To contact us, please visit https://www.starfishlabz.com/contact-us or https://www.starfishclass.com/contact-us. Thank you for visiting Our Sites.

These Terms of Use were last updated on March 23th, 2023.

If a breach of these Terms of Use by you causes damages, we reserve the right to proceed with legal action against you.